Downsizing services

Looking to downsize your home or estate?
Not sure of what to do with your possessions?

We have the solution.

Throughout our life, we change our interiors and possessions countless times. Often, older adults find it necessary to re-evaluate the size of their homes and how many items they own.

The motivations to downsize are almost limitless. Some people aim for less cluttered living spaces that in turn require less housework. Others would like to move closer to their families, and many simply want to relocate to a more forgiving climate after retirement.

It is often overwhelming to evaluate a collection of objects that have been assembled over decades, each representing a memory or relationship. Some pieces can be too large or fragile to move without assistance. Even small and medium-sized items often cause anxiety because of their sheer number.

Gold Coast Auctioneers Estate Buyers downsizing Ny are experienced with assisting in the liquidation of personal property. We understand that this process can be emotional and our skilled team of professionals will help you during this transitional period.

Don’t waste your time and energy holding multiple garage sales and hauling items to donation centers. All you need to do is contact us. We will take care of everything from buying your physical property to cleaning out your space.

If you are looking for assistance with downsizing in New York or New York City, a Senior Move Manager or Professional Organizer looking for discreet and experienced liquidators, or are acting on behalf of a loved one we are happy to help! Please contact us today.